Political Campaign Films

Below are some of the films I have directed for the Political Campaigns in various states across India.

I directed these films for Mr. Manish Bardia and his amazing team at Moving Pixels, Ahmedabad.

These films should be looked upon from a pure film making aspect and the fact that they have been produced for B.J.P  has no bearing on any of my political beliefs or ideologies.

To make mostly novice actors to perform in front of the camera was a very fulfilling experience from a Director's perspective.

Having been involved in hands-on casting to getting the right location for each film and to direct actors in their local languages without losing out on the emotion and communication of each of the films was a personal challenge for me.

These films also gave me hands on experience in shooting across states like Maharashtra, Kashmir, Jharkahand, Bihar & Gujarat.

The end result is below... for all to see. :-)